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Loutra Edipsou


Few words about the Spa-Town.

One of the most famous cities and certainly one of the most beautiful is Edipsos. Also known as the spa town of Evia, the hot springs of which are known since ancient times for its healing and revitalizing properties. Through the centuries, Edipsos was a really famous spa town and always attracted visitors from all over the world and all the social status.
Several thousands of years ago, when the ancient Greek civilization accomplished great things in Southeastern Europe, several historians of that time like Ploutarchos and Stravon mentioned many times Edipsos in their writings, both for its beauty and for its hot springs and their healing qualities for the people.
To Edipsos you can get with Ferry via Arkitsa. The Ferry will pass towards Edipsos in 40 minutes. There are a lot of scheduled trips and you don’t have to wait. Edipsos reminds on an old duchess: she’s getting older but remains unpretentious elegant.
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